Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Past Projects

I'm very bad and taking before and after pictures. I get so excited to do a project that I just jump right in! I used some scrap wood to make signs, fabric scraps to make pillows (tea towels and dish towels work great too). Here are a couple of things that I have pictures of.

This candle light was rather shiny. It was in the Christmas clearance section at one of my favorite shops for $1.00. I just added the saying and primmed it up a bit and it sits on my television.

This is I lighted jar that I made out of a milk jar that I found at an antique shop for something like $8.00. Here it is decked out for Easter. I change it each season. I am so proud of how it turned out (and that I didn't break it when I drilled the hole for the cord).

This sign I made out of a scrap of wood. I scaled down a pattern from a magazine. I originally did it for fall but I just can't take it down. It stays up all year round. Hoping to have other pictures soon and an update about my living room redo.

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