Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Done!

As promised, I said I would post some before and after pictures of my new floors and new room. I couldn't just put all that victorian crap back in. I had to refurnish the room.


Look at that ugly pink carpet (not my doing) and this sofa had to be redone too. I'll show you that later.

OK.....Here is the new room. I found a 8'x11' braided rug at JCP in the outlet store (free s/h) marked from $650 to $149 in fall colors (my favorite time of year).

Notice that I recovered the couch. So that if fit very snuggly, we purchased a loveseat cover and MADE it fit. I needed new curtains then, so off I went in search of them. Couldn't find anything that looked country/primitive. So I found some kitchen curtains and had to embelish them. I appliqued stars across them. then from the tiers, I cut the big hemline off and made tiebacks for the panels that I made from-- can you believe it--a flat sheet. Here is the look for that side of the room.

Long post, I know, so I will stop for now. I'm very pleased with my new "Star" room.


  1. Your room looks great!! What a buy on that rug too! Why can't I ever find a bargain? LOL!! Can't wait to see more!!!

  2. Wow, what a difference!! I love the change. thanks for the idea using the flat sheet for curtains. I think I will copy it for my kitchen :)
    I also love the ruler star. I am a 2nd grade teacher and I would love to make it for my desk at school. Thanks!!

  3. I simply cannot believe that is the same room! You've done a wonderfully inspiring job on everything.

    (ashamed to say I still have pink carpet somewhere in my house - it's due for replacement sometime this summer)

  4. What a very nice makeover! It looks sooo much more homey & comfy.