Monday, December 21, 2009

A few kitchen pictures

This is a "do for now" stove cover. My MIL gave it to my daughter many years ago to do her puzzles on. I just stained it up and I think it works just fine.

This is my find of the century. Found this corner cupboard at an estate sale for $10! First I painted it a colonial blue with some milk paint that I had. wasn't real crazy about it. This barn red did the trick! I am quite pleased with it.

This is the inside of my corner cupboard.

Remember the witch's boot in the fall? Now I just use a stocking. Wait until valentine's day! The "house" on top was actually a mailbox cover. My dad was going to throw it away. I grabbed it out of his garbage (LOL). It houses all the chips and stuff my family loves to throw on top of the fridge. I just hate that.

Nothing spectacular here. But look at my toaster cover in the corner. No one would ever know!

Hope to post others later. My batteries died. Have to pick some out when I finish my shopping. Take care everyone.

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  1. $10!!!!!! Wow, what a steal!! What a Christmas blessing for sure!! Kim