Thursday, March 3, 2011


I love the look of a pantry filled with primitive wares but my kitchen space does not allow for it.  This hutch was given to me by my late MIL (not really my style) and my husband doesn't want to part with it.  He did not object to me painting it though.  So I thought and thought about it and finally just dove right in.  Here is the before (with the 80's country stuff).
AND here are the after pictures.

 Storage is at a minimum so the soda crates under the cabinet hold canned goods.  The mercantile drawer pulls I found on clearance package of 4 for $6.  I made the Buttery sign from an old board I had in the garage. Of course I was inspired by the sign in the fall issue of A Primitive Place.  I just love it!

I can't bring myself to scuff  up the hutch after all the time it took to paint it.  I'm hoping that natural wear and tear will take care of that.  I'm constantly tweaking it.  So waddya think?


  1. I love this! All those jars are awesome too, nice job! Your MIL would approve, I'm sure :)

  2. Oh my Word!!!! That is awesome!! I LOVE the look of the dry goods on the shelves. The color is great too!